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GREENFIELD, CA – April 28, 2020: GREENFIELD, CA – April 28, 2020: Farm laborers arrive in the early morning to begin harvesting. After washing their hands they do brief excercises to ready them for the physical shift ahead. They practise safe social distancing, receive masks to supplement what they are already wearing as well as gloves, hair nets and aprons. These are all H-2A migration laborers from outside the USA. Despite current record unemployment rates in the USA due to Covid-19 layoffs, there have been very few applications to do this kind of work despite extensive mandatory advertising by labor companies such as Fresh Harvest. Fresh Harvest is the one of the largest providers of H-2A labor for labor, staffing and harvesting in the United States of America. They are implementing strict health and safety initiatives for their workers during this pandemic and are trying a number of new techniques to enhance safety both in the work accommodations and in the field. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images)