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Monday, January 25, 2021

Brexit: DUP MP to table Westminister question on Irish Sea Border

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The government is to face more questions at Westminster later about the ongoing disruption to trade across the new Irish Sea border.

The DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson is due to table an oral question, listing examples of the affect on businesses.

Sinn Féin said they have concerns but have been reassured the supply of fresh food has almost returned to normal.

The DUP will call for the NI protocol to be revoked in the face of economic damage.

However the government has resisted the party’s calls so far.

Mr Donaldson is will quote 17 examples of disruption in his party’s ongoing fight against the Northern Ireland protocol.

Five of these are:

  • Some firms have stated they were informed that certain declarations would be processed within 30 seconds only for it to take in the region of 12 hours
  • Supermarkets withdrawing hundreds of products from their shelves, online retailers refusing to service Northern Ireland
  • Cars imported from the mainland are now ineligible for the margin scheme, making them subject to a 20% VAT increase – a £2,000 price hike per £10,000 of car
  • Of the 15 lorries to arrive in NI from GB on the first shipment under the terms of the protocol, six were directed to a border control post because they did not have the correct documentation
  • In the absence of guidance from HMRC, which was belatedly published on 31 December, many online retailers made the decision not to service NI

The ‘Irish Sea border’ is a consequence of Brexit and means that most commercial goods entering NI from GB require a customs declaration.

Belfast port

The first goods crossed the new trade border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK on 1 January.

Sinn Féin has blamed the new trading adjustments for the problems, along with delays at Dover,

On Tuesday they said 95% of the supply of fresh food had been restored.

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